Light House

Terrace House renovation
The brief for the home renovation to a two-bedroom terrace house situated in the inner suburb of Brunswick, Victoria, was to replace an existing extension with a new living space that met the client’s preference for natural materials, improved sustainability performance, and a backdrop for their art collection and furnishings. Addressing common issues of inner suburb terrace houses such as dim light and poor air flow, the new extension introduces light, fresh air, and improved thermal performance.  Carefully considered glazing and skylights bring natural light and ventilation and connect the internal spaces to the garden.  A new purpose-built painting studio is added in the rear yard. Subdued but textural building materials such as a travertine clad kitchen partition, a pale yellow marmoleum floor and a soft sweeping curve ceiling create a serene architectural renovation that is consistent with the urban form of Brunswick terrace houses and serves as a backdrop to the taste and lifestyle of the client.